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Mouthwatering Welsh beef

Whether you’re seeking the ultimate roasting joint, or an exceedingly good rump steak, you’ve come to the right place. From gourmet beef burgers to sirloin and fillet steaks, irresistible when seared and cooked on a piping hot skillet, our delicious Welsh beef is 100% traceable, and packed full of flavour.

Welsh beef is renowned internationally, so the European Commission awarded it Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in 2003, in recognition of its unique character and heritage.

And at Gwaun Valley meats, our Welsh beef is traditionally hung and dry-aged in our cold store, where it is hung for between 14 and 21 days to ensure the maximum flavour and tenderness – our meat is then cut to order by our skilled team of artisan butchers.

You’ll find all the traditional cuts on offer here, and more besides, including minced and diced beef, steaks, roasts, burgers and stewing cuts. Not forgetting our superb value Meat Boxes.

Our juicy steaks and ribs are perfect for summer BBQs, the minced shin of beef is ideal for pasta sauces, and there’s nothing better than our diced beef for a warming winter stew. And for the ultimate roast, how about one of our delectable ribs of beef?

We select only the very best beef, much of it from delicious native breeds such as Longhorns, Herefords and Welsh Blacks – farmed by local Pembrokeshire farmers.


Welsh Beef

Topside Joint


Welsh Beef

Sirloin Joint


Welsh Beef

Silverside Joint


Welsh Beef

Fillet Steak


Welsh Beef

Rib Eye Steak


Welsh Beef

Rib Eye Joint


Welsh Beef

Diced Beef


Welsh Beef

Diced Chuck


Welsh Beef

Minced Beef

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Slow Roast



Welsh Beef

Sirloin Steak


Welsh Beef

T Bone Steak


Welsh Beef

Rump Steak