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Bacon and Gammon

Dry curing is among the oldest method of curing bacon – if you’ve never tried it, you’re in for a surprise. This is bacon as it used to taste – delicious bacon made the traditional way, with no added water.

Gwaun Valley Meats won Best Speciality product for Wales in the Great Taste Awards 2009, for our bacon

+ Free ranging native breeds of pork only, picked for delicious flavours and animal welfare
+ Bacon is dry cured the traditional way, with no added water – so the rashers don’t shrivel to nothing during cooking
+ Smoked bacon and gammon is naturally-smoked over oak wood chips.

Our hand-picked loins and bellies of pork are sourced from free range native-breed pigs – the pork is then boned as fresh as possible, before being rubbed with an organic, slightly sweetened dry-cure mix, and allowed to cure naturally for 14 days. The result is a bacon without any white watery slime – rashers that won’t shrink to nothing in the pan!

So, whether you like your bacon with or without rind or streaky or back, or your gammon smoked or unsmoked, we can help…