Our Suppliers

We stock the highest quality traceable meat, which is cut to order, so we take special care to source only from the best farmers – many of whom farm within a few miles of our traditional butcher’s shop here in Letterston.

If we can source within Pembrokeshire, we do. And we usually buy direct from the farmer, so we have total control over the supply chain and cut out the middle man – enabling us to offer the best quality meat at a good price.

PARC GWYN, Llandeloy, Haverfordwest (lamb)

Maarten Davies is Gwaun Valley Meats’ premier source for lowland-reared lamb. A third generation Pembrokeshire farmer, he provides home-grown cereals for winter, makes minimal use of antibiotics, and is a firm believer in compassionate farming. His favoured breeds are Suffolks, Beltex and Improved Welsh, selected for their meat quality and their ability to thrive. Maarten also rears cattle; the breeds include Herefords, Simmental, Charolais, Limousin and Longhorn.

WEDDEL SWIFT (free range pork)

We sell only free-range pork, and our only fixed supplier is the wholesaler Weddel Swift (we also buy from a large number of small farmers across South and West Wales). The pigs, predominantly Large White, Gloucester Old Spot, Saddleback and Welsh-crossed Piétrain, are reared in a free range manner on humanely-run Welsh and British farms.


Chickens and Ducks

Our superb free range chickens and ducks are raised in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains, where they are reared slowly, with love and care – we also buy delicious free-range birds from a free range farm near Llangammarch Wells in Breconshire.

We always suggest free-range to our customers, because we believe the welfare standards are higher, and the chicken is of a superior quality. That said, we do also offer British barn reared chicken, which we source from Weddel Swift.


We source our turkeys from a family farm near Haverfordwest, started in 1958 by Margaret Davies, affectionately known as ‘Mama’. Today, three generations are involved in the turkey business.

The birds, living in open ‘pole’ barns with natural ventilation and light, grow old gracefully and reach full maturity – hence the superior texture and flavour of the meat. The breeds include small Attleborough Whites, medium-size Wirral Whites and large Wrolstads.