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Cooked Meats, Pies and Faggots

We do a superb range of cooked meats and charcuterie ideal for every occasion.

What could be more tasty than prime Pembrokeshire beef silverside – slowly roasted until tender, sliced finely and served in crusty bread: mayo on one side of the sandwich, horseradish on the other, lettuce in between, and seasoned with black pepper?

In short, we offer:

  • Delicious hams that are ready for eating
  • Cooked turkey and beef, ready for your sandwiches and sauces
  • Traditionally cured gammon steaks and joints, ready for cooking
  • Fabulous Welsh faggots – a taste revelation whether served hot or cold
  • Meat pies handmade by our master butcher, William

Our beef comes from Welsh cattle that are slow-grown and grass-fed, so it is meltingly tender with a rich flavor.

And our pork is free-range too, sourced from quality Welsh and English suppliers, and makes very good ham.

After hand-curing them in an organic brine, our gammons are, left to dry for two days, and then – for that distinctive smoky flavour, our smoked gammons are cold-smoked for eight hours with pure oak chippings.

Our honey roast hams, coated with demerara sugar and local honey before roasting, are equally delicious.

And don’t forget the turkey – put some of our delicious roast turkey on a platter, and hey presto – a simple, yet delicious treat. Cooked turkey is also wonderful in risotto, with local mushrooms and a splash of white wine.

Pork Pies and Faggots

Eager to expand our hand-crafted products, we’ve added pork pies to our range. The meat is minced once only, for a nice coarse “bite” – then cured lightly before the spices are added.

Encased in a luscious hot-water crust, the result is a mouthwatering pie, a lunch box treat and the highlight of any summer picnic. We do a tasty pork and pickle pie too.

Finally, faggots – a thrifty blast from the past in England, yet always a firm favourite in Wales – meatballs by another name, faggots include liver and ours are delicious, made with minced pork, herbs and bacon. They’re delicious either hot or cold.