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Burgers & Sausages

The humble sausage: so versatile, so delicious, so perfect for casseroles, toad-in-the-hole or with buttery mash. Or straight off the barbecue and popped into a roll, with a mustard and mayo dip.

Gwaun Valley’s sausages cook and look like sausages should, unlike those pastel pink, machine-made offerings you find in supermarkets. These are bangers with a swagger! They taste good, too. Made using traditional practices, they are succulent and satisfying.

  • Free range pork, much of it from native British breeds.
  • Welsh Lamb and beef
  • Meat reared the old-fashioned way – slowly, naturally and outdoors. In the case of our Welsh lamb and beef, we dry hang it for the best quality and flavour
  • Our sausages and burgers are individually made by our artisan butchers, in our Letterston shop.

Our wonderfully tasty beef and lamb burgers are equally robust – William makes sure the hand-cut meat passes through the mincer just once, so you get a lovely coarse and rustic texture, with plenty of bite.


Cooking advice:

How to cook a real sausage? Slowly, and until the juices run clear. This allows a sticky coat to develop in the pan, and keeps the juiciness within. If you don’t have the time to dally, cook chipolatas – my breakfast favourite – fantastic for dipping into your fried egg.

If you’re having a barbecue, take advantage of the heat zones – and don’t prick your sausages all over or the fat may flare and the juices will leak out.

Burgers are best on the grill – 10-14 minutes and there should be no pink meat on serving. A real burger can be as extravagant or as simple as you like: topped with smoky bacon and hot cherry peppers, or popped into a bun the British way, with fried onions and ketchup.