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Our succulent birds are a far cry from fast-grown, factory-farmed, conveyor-belt ‘bargain’ offerings.

Free Range Chicken

Everyone loves good chicken. Its meat is full of flavour, its juices are delectable, and nothing need go to waste if you buy the whole bird. It can be baked, barbecued, grilled, fried, roasted, rotisseried, casseroled, sautéed or popped into a pie.

At Gwaun Valley Meats we source both free range and farm-assured birds. Our delicious free-range chickens, raised in the foothills of the Preseli Mountains and in the Brecon Beacons, are reared slowly, forage freely, and are fed a diet high in natural cereals.

In our opinion, free range is the best option for flavour, texture and animal welfare.

Farm Assured Chicken

Our farm-assured birds have free access – within sheds – to food, water, warmth and natural light, as well as freedom to roam. We do not stock battery-reared birds.

We keep a very close eye on quality, and ensure we only source and sell the highest quality farm-assured chicken.

Free Range Duck

Our free range ducks are reared with access to open fields during the day, so they can live and grow in a natural way, maximizing animal welfare and giving us high quality duck meat.

You really are onto a winner with our delicious duck, which is full of flavour, and reared here in Wales.


We sell Pembrokeshire turkeys at Christmas, and turkey breast steaks and joints all year round. Be they small Attlebourough Whites or large Wrolstads, these small-farm turkeys live in free-to-roam ‘pole’ barns, with natural ventilation and light, and are grown to full maturity.

Not only is the resulting meat superb in texture and flavour, but there’s also a good choice of sizes for your festive dinner table.


Free Range Chicken

Free Range Chicken Crown


Free Range Chicken

Diced Free Range Chicken


Farm Assured Chicken

Whole Chicken (Farm Assured)