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Get ready for summer with our fantastic ready-to-sizzle BBQ products, which take the hassle out of your BBC …so get outdoors and have loads of fun.

Keep everyone happy with our sizzling sausages, mouthwatering lamb burgers, juicy sirloin steaks, and lipsmackingly good chicken fillets…

  • We cure our own gammon, make our own sausages, and dry age our beef and lamb, so it develops the perfect flavour and texture
  • All our pork is free range, chosen for quality and animal welfare
  • Delicious corn-fed free range chicken, with good colour and texture
  • Full traceable meat, much of it bought from local Pembrokeshire farmers who we’ve worked with for years
  • Packs expertly put together by William – our very own king of the BBQ.

Our artisan butchers prepare the meat using age-old traditional methods, so you can be sure of the quality.

Cooking Instructions:

  • Keep raw and cooked meats separate from each other, and use separate barbecue tongs for raw and cooked products
  • Ensure frozen meat is thoroughly thawed and never refreeze. Take meat out of the fridge 20 minutes before cooking, to lose fridge chill (no one wants the outside burnt before the inside is cooked)
  • To tenderize meat as well as to flavour it, marinate your meat before cooking, in the fridge. Use a light olive oil – not virgin olive oil, which smokes.
  • Alternatively, brush the meat two minutes before you serve with a glaze – e.g. mustard, horseradish, curry paste, hoi-sin. Note that our barbecue range includes chicken and pork cuts with a delicious Chinese glaze
  • Light the barbecue well in advance and wait till the charcoal glows red with a powdery grey base. The rack should be 30cm above the charcoal
  • Using a small sharp knife, cut into the centre of the meat, to check that the flesh is cooked and juices are running clear
  • If you can, use a rack system with different heights and moveable grills. If not, shuffle your meat around from hot patches to cooler, or place the food on silver foil to slow the cooking down
  • Never abandon your barbie! Cooked meat Temperature must be 75°C at the core (Centre of Product), to guard against the danger of food poisoning