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Fabulous free range pork, from delicious shoulders and collars of pork – perfect for roasts with crackling – to scrumptious sausages and meaty spare ribs, Gwaun Valley Meats’ free range Welsh and British pork is succulent and delicious.

All our pork is sourced from quality suppliers, and is guaranteed free range, while the breeds include Large White and Saddlebacks, rare-breed Gloucester Old Spots, and leaner Welsh-crossed Piétrains.

The pigs live outdoors with the freedom to roam, and have access to straw-filled tents on wet days. A traditionally reared free range pig grows at a slower and more natural rate than one confined to a shed on a factory farm, and the more natural environment enhances the flavour and texture of the meat.

As the saying goes, you can use all the pig except its squeal – Gwaun Valley’s artisan butchers provide all the traditional cuts, not least pork chops an inch thick, roasting joints whole or boned, hearts, kidneys, livers, stewing cuts, and butterfly steaks from the tender pork loin.

If you want to try something a bit different, how about roasting a delicious hock. And don’t miss our excellent value meat boxes.