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Delicious Welsh Lamb

A flash in the pan is all it takes for a juicy lamb chop – a few minutes on each side for sweet, tender perfection!

Lamb shank, cooked long and slow till the meat falls off the bone, is comfort food for winter, while lamb kebabs on the barbecue are a summertime treat. And what could be more stylish than rack of lamb with a French trim, infused with garlic and rosemary for Easter?

We offer all the traditional cuts and more besides – lamb mince for the ultimate shepherd’s pies and moussakas, lamb breast for soups and cawls, legs and shoulders for succulent roasts, not forgetting other favourites – from noisettes to lamb’s liver.

And don’t miss our online range of excellent value Meat Boxes, or our popular saltmarsh lamb, and half and whole lambs.

All our lamb and mutton is hung and dry aged for 7-12 days to ensure the best possible flavour and tenderness, before being cut to order by our artisan butchers.

Welsh sheep farming is all about the right pastures, plenty of rain and letting nature take its course, and the wild hills and lush lowlands of Wales are behind some of the finest lamb in the world.

In recognition of these unique qualities, the European Commission awarded Welsh lamb Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status in 2003, elevating Welsh lamb to the status it deserves.

Gwaun Valley Meats’ Welsh lamb is fully traceable from field to plate, and is available throughout the year – from sweet and tender spring lamb, to the richer flavours of autumn.